Connected Transport: The Digital Revolution in Motion

Connected -Transport

While there are significant differences in how transportation has been deployed over time globally, we are now at an inflection point in this sector commonly known as Connected Transport.

Connected transport is levelling the playing field in terms of developed and emerging economies through international cooperation, investment and implementation.

Many urban centre civic leaders across the U.S., Europe and Asia primarily are experimenting with various aspects of connected transport through a ‘bottoms up’ approach. This is being accomplished through partnerships with technology giants, investors and transportation companies. Other cities are applying a ‘top down’ approach that links connected transport with broader initiatives underway across Smart City technologies. “Transportation will play a key role within Smart/Connected Cities” according to the U.S. DOT.

Connected -Transport

Connected transport refers to a set of technologies that include but are not limited to:

  • Autonomous vehicles for individuals, fleet and public transport
  • Freight and supply chain logistics technology renewal for rapid delivery of goods
  • Real-time information availability exchange within and between vehicles
  • Safety devices and applications for drivers and autonomous vehicles
  • Networked road devices for optimal communication and efficiency
  • New, intelligent ‘super skyways’ with high-speed vehicles for safe, rapid and environmentally sound travel

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