Evolution of vehicle robotic solutions


Driver Behaviour, V2I

Artificial intelligence and robotics are the enablers of automated driving, and they are the new trends you ought to incorporate to maximize the potential of mobility for vehicle automation. If you look at the data for the past few years, you would notice that there has been an increase in the industrial robots investment, sending vehicle robotics to another level altogether.

If you notice, a part of vehicle robotic solutions are already being used in vehicular technology, which is why you are able to gain insights into the driver, and the vehicle. From route planning to route optimization to preventing casualties, the vehicle robotic solutions, involving v2v and V2I communication helps by offering apt solutions. These solutions incorporate the present technology and infrastructure to create a more stable environment.

Why smart transportation is needed?

There is a growing need for smart transportation in India owing to the limited road capacity, narrow roads, sporadic events, and heavy congestion that seem to be occupying major cities and their routes. There is a desperate need for proper planning of vehicle movement and infrastructure in order to leverage from what is available.

Using vehicle robotic solutions, many companies have created traffic monitoring and control systems, which help in ensuring smooth movement of the vehicles along traffic-congested areas. With V2I, you would be able to enhance the driver or commuter’s journey majorly, and offer them a seamless journey through any type of roads. There would be more insights available on the different roads, the type of journey the commuter prefers, how best to enhance their on-road experience, and work through efficiently with their transportation needs. There is an increase in the road traffic, and the temporal events, which calls for such proactive measures, which can be effectively planned with technology.

How V2I will help resolve major traffic issues?

When there is a communication between vehicles or, between the vehicle and the surrounding infrastructure, you will observe that it helps with effective transport movement, and resolves the sporadic events such as accidents with ease.

The insights on driver behaviour are available from various tools, which helps to know if the driver is driving with safety, which route they are taking, is there traffic along the route, and how best to improve the route.

The V2I will help optimize the routes, and replan the routes in case there is congestion along the earlier route. This will even help in optimizing the infrastructure to benefit more.

There are routes wherein the driver will need to move at a certain speed, which will be solved with V2I. Concerns related to traffic will be solved easily, and over speeding will be taken care of with V2I. Even studies of driver behaviour while driving will prevent major accidents, which is a major concern for the modern transportation systems.


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