Interesting innovations in transportation


Backseat driving

Automation has become widespread, specifically in the transportation industry. With driverless cars, you get the ride without putting in the efforts, which makes it even more interesting. The autonomous cars as they are known will take you through the route you want; in fact, they will even optimize it, and make your journey incredible. Currently, the autonomous cars are still in the nascent stage but there will be a time when it will become the norm.

Many accidents occur owing to the fact that people tend to sleep off while driving or, text & talk while driving. If you want to take a nap while you are at the wheel, put it into autonomous mode, and doze off. The car will drive you, and you can complete your rest.

Connected cars

The vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication has become possible with connected cars. When vehicles communicate with each other, they are coordinated with each other, leading to traffic optimization in a major way. All the vehicles will move smoothly along the roads, without affecting the other and ensuring smooth transition of the traffic.

The vehicle synchronization will happily reduce traffic congestion, will make the signals friendlier, and have a no congestion zone dedicated to you. Interestingly, connected cars is the most traffic friendly jugaad.

Smarter roads

The infrastructure has to be smart for the smart systems within the transportation to work. Smarter infrastructure will attain information on traffic from the number of cars that are in contact. You will then inform the drivers of the vehicles about this through v2i, and then ensure smooth flow. It is important to have smooth and smart infrastructure with the right amount of sensors in order to introduce this innovation to transportation.


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