POST COVID New Vehicle Launches and impact on Automotives

Automotive companies have continued to build new products and COVID as such has created a need for safe travel. Many consumers have begun purchasing 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers.  There is a felt need for improvement of in-vehicle and safety features and smooth services offering by OEMs.

Startups can begin focusing on innovations around the various feature lists to create opportunities for themselves to interface with vehicle manufacturers. Autonebula would be interested in interacting with the startups on same

Peripheral vision is what you can see from corner of your eyes. It helps an eye capture more details of other car’s passing by and at same time the focus remains on front while driving. It compliments the central vision for better decision making.

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Dr Prakash Sharma heads the Autonebula Initiatives to collaborate with startups, investors, senior thought leaders from Automotive Industry. With 30+ year experiences in IT industry, he has evolved PASSION FRAMEWORK for startup ecosystem.


The Author refers multiple automotive news to interpret and analyze the trends and views are personal.

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