Top 5 IOT based solutions for transport industry


When you read IoT, the first thing that comes to your mind is “smart”. Yes, the world is becoming smart indeed, and you need to catch on to this movement as soon as you can. IoT is transforming most of the industries with improved solutions, and is slowly dawning on a major part of the economy with smart solutions.

There are various IoT based solutions that have been derived specifically for the transportation industry. These solutions will help the industry evolve in many ways.

Traffic Management Systems

The urbanization and consumerization have led to increased amount of traffic, accidents and even parking issues in India. The rapid growth in the number of cars year on year in the Indian roads clearly gives the picture on the modernization that has led to increased issues with transportation. Apart from personal vehicles, the introduction of cab culture in multiple parts of the cities, and other fast public transportation has led to increased need for management of traffic. One of the most popular IoT solutions is the traffic management system, which offers real-time insights into the traffic in order to float a well-planned and highly controlled movement of the vehicles on busy roads. This system will harness the potential of the infrastructure, and offer reliable inputs for the better movement of the vehicles.

Fleet Management Solutions

You would observe this solution in lot of public transportation systems and automotive vehicles in order to improve the agility of the transportation and to maximize the use of GPS, sensors and mobility systems in order to improve the fleet management.

Let’s take an example of the cab culture prevailing in India. The owners have a fleet of cars, and won’t know which car requires to be serviced when. With the fleet management solutions, they won’t need to worry about maintenance, tracking of vehicles and speed or, even fuel management. This solution has taken care of everything, and sends out alert when a particular vehicle needs fuel, or crosses the speed limit. This will enhance overall efficiency of the fleet.

Logistics Tracking Solutions

Logistics is an important aspect of transportation. The trucks and the carriers that carry the goods such as food, couriers, steel and other things being shipped across cities and states need to be tracked for temperature, timing, pressure, health of driver etc. There are a varied number of logistics tracking solutions that help the driver with finding the best routes to reach the particular city on time, and deliver. Big Data and Analytics play a huge role in making the application a success.

Capacity Sensing Solutions

IoT is being popularly used in managing inventory and sending out the vehicles with goods to the warehouses when they fall short of the goods. At the same time, they also sense whether the parking lot is full or empty at the moment, and how many cars or vehicles it can fit. Such capacity sensing solutions are important for malls, and other spaces where the parking seldom stays empty.

Route Optimization Solutions

We have grown into a fully urbanized city where there is heavy traffic all the time. If you want to reach a particular place with ease, you need mobility solutions that harness the power of GPS to optimize the routes, and offer you the best way to reach your destination.

These powerful solutions will lead to improve the infrastructure and transportation in the city. Autonebula mentors the start-ups dealing in connected transportation solutions with growth strategies.

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