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Nowadays developing smart cities have been hot topic throughout the country. Following the same development graph smart villages does not seem to be a distant dream. Most service sector companies are currently operating & expanding in tier I cities. This leaves a big vaccum in small cities & villages, especially in transport services which form backbone of any developed society.

As per survey by ‘The Hindu’, people in rural areas & smaller cities spend 10% more on public transportation than urban population. However a specifically designed project is required to cater to the needs of this segment. DOOT is a app & call centre based platform handcrafted to bridge the gap in transport services offered in rural & urban areas. It will tap the huge unexplored market potential in India’s cities, towns & villages.

DOOT will develop a network of transport service providers within a defined region in every milestone, expanding gradually based on set goals & market needs. This networking of existing operators have potential to reduce the transportation cost to unparalleled 55% of existing fares. At the same time it will increase earning of operators by upto 1.25 times. DOOT will provide additional tools in form of mobile apps & call centre to the existing operators to have a better control on their services. Operating on same model as regional operators will assist in easy merger of the operators with DOOT. The operators working on a small scale will benefit from rigrous marketing & advanced infrastructure provided by the platform.

Services offered by DOOT can be utilised through mobile app & call centre to overcome the age & education barrier of customers. Irrespective of location, customer’s routine or emergency needs will be met by nearest & most economical service provider. The platform will help to recognise market needs & resources will be developed accordingly. Share cabs from remote locations to nearest city & to state capital will allow customers to enjoy convenience of door steps luxury cab almost at prices of public transport.

First Milestone – Bihar
As per transport survey Bihar has 85,119 passenger taxi registered. Out of this 14,172 are registered & operate in state capital Patna. Rest of these operators are scattered throughout the state, with greater concentration in 6 cities excluding Patna. These are high potential cities with significant population.