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Choose Our Soft Landing Services

We help in setting up company and manage the secretarial functions on behalf of startup which includes organizing annual general meeting, ROC correspondences, notifying stakeholders on company progress and updates if any with reference to share holder pattern, profit /loss patterns if any.

We facilitate market research, competitor analysis, market trend analysis, pricing strategy and refining business models to suit Asian market

We take care of documenting agreements, share holder agreements, term sheet, all statutory requirements needed for a startup to function. We coordinate on behalf of startups with potential investors to protect startup interests in deal negotiations, equity dilution etc.

We help startups in managing their entire account functions which include balance sheet, trial balance, profit and loss statement as well as working capital / cash flow projections for investors on behalf of startups.

We can help in identifying right cofounders, team to support the startup in building teams.

We identify right OEM connects for startups to benefit and network with the industry professionals to seek guidance, input for refining product or service model

We source angels/venture capitalists who would be right fit for startups to seek investment and connect them to startups through meetings, skype calls, in person discussions

We have experienced mentors who can guide startups on regular basis during entire product life cycle.

We can recommend suggestions / guide to have startup websites be more SEO friendly and ensure the startups information reaches to our 30000 plus industry connects.

We promote startups through various social media platforms which include newsletter, news publication

We provide entire software development cum testing team to build web and mobile based solutions and set up offshore development center to client

We test products for its fit in Asian Markets and also conduct user acceptance tests on behalf of startups.

We validate the product with reference to market reach, penetration, challenges, statutory requirements, complexity of execution to ensure startups fine tune their business models for Asian market and conclusions drawn for pricing and operational implementation

We provide back office support which includes setting teams for KPO, MIS, Marketing, Branding, Research and core operational activities which can be executed by offshore teams.