mobility accelerator

AutoNebula is arriving in Bangalore for Connected Transport Startup Meetup, in collaboration with NVIDIA on Friday, 29th April, 2016.

We encourage all entrepreneurs who have disruptive ideas in the connected transport or IoT in the automotive space to present their business plans! You even stand a chance to receive seed funding opportunities and incubation services if you have proof of concept, minimum viable product, or some customer traction, subject to review by industry experts.

You can email your connected transport ideas, concepts or business models at and a short pre-screen interview will follow. The shortlisted entrepreneurs will be invited for the meetup at the NVIDIA office in Bangalore and will be given an opportunity to interact with C-Level executives of AutoNebula and NVIDIA.

At Ignition Lab 2.0, following are various products, areas of applications within the connected transport space that we are looking for:

• On- Board Diagnostics
• Electric Vehicles
• Analytics
• M2M to M2I based solutions
• Vehicle Robotic Solutions
• Cyber Security
• Transport Aggregators
• Time-Sharing Transportation
• IOT based solutions for Transport Industry
• Telematics
• Infotainment
The last date for submitting your applications for Ignition Lab 2.0 is 30th June, 2016. Shortlisted Startups will get to present their product or service to our Jury in the Grand Finale, scheduled to take place in Bangalore on 15th July, 2016.


Time Session
10:00 am Registration / Tea 15 mins
10:20 am Welcome note by AutoNebula 15 mins
10:45 am Keynote address by Managing Director, NVIDIA South Asia. 20 mins
11:15 am 25 + Startups pitch their ideas (7 Mins for each startup). 2 hrs 45 mins
02:02 pm Vote of thanks by AutoNebula & Nvidia 10 mins
02:15 pm Networking Lunch