We are focusing on startups working on LIDAR, RADAR, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Autonomous Vehicles.

We also partner with other incubator, accelerators, angel investment groups, high networth investors to sponsor/collaborate for our events / meetup sessions.


  • Startups are screened on the basis of their business model, Minimum ViableProduct (MVP) status, Target Addressable Market (TAM) and other metrics
  • Companies selected undergo a program covering areas such as product development, scaling a business and digital marketing
  • Seed funding may be provided once selected by AUTONEBULA
  • Companies exit the program within a year then continue receiving our support



    We help bring your ideas to fruition through an initial round of investment and nurturing during 1st phase.


    Leverage our t facility to work efficiently and leverage our in-house support services


    Our mentors are leaders across business, marketing and transportation


    We facilitate meetings with investors, VCs, and transportation executives in India & U.S.