mobility accelerator

Ideation and Disruptive Innovation for Connected Transport

We encourage all entrepreneurs who have disruptive ideas in creating a revolution in the connected transport space, including proof of concepts, traction’s in connected vehicles, IoT in the automotive segment to present their business plan for seed funding opportunities and incubation services, subject to be reviewed by experts in the industry.

The Agenda of this meetup will revolve around discussions with aspiring start-ups in the connected transport industry who are providing products or services surrounding sustainable modes of transport, infrastructure and traffic management across the public and private sector can apply for the Ignition Lab 2.0 Contest .

The key components are given below:

• On- Board Diagnostics

• Electric Vehicles

• Analytics

• M2M to M2I based solutions

• Vehicle Robotic Solutions

• Cyber Security

• Transport Aggregators

• Time-Sharing Transportation

• IOT based solutions for Transport Industry

• Telematics

• Infotainment

Startups having their tractions in Connected Transport Applications can share their product and service details for consideration in Ignition Lab 2.0 Contest. The last date for submitting your applications is 30th June, 2016 and if shortlisted, you can present your product or service with our jury on the 15th of July, 2016.