AAN Guidelines For Pitch Deck Presentation

What shall be the Coverage of Pitch Deck for AAN?

AAN has a two-step process for evaluating proposals received.

Step 1: Internal team reviews the pitch deck presentation and it may be discussed with an investor member with relevant domain experience

Step 2:  If shortlisted, the team is invited for an in-person presentation to investors

At the preliminary stage the review committee, as well as investors, is keen to understand if the concept addresses a real opportunity, revenue model, if the business case is strong, if the team is well rounded & competent & committed and the traction that the team has been able to achieve so far.

  • Cover slide
  1. Company name and logo
  2. Contact details (city, e-mail, mobile)
  3. Web link
  4. One line that clearly describes the concept/product/service
  • Team
  1. Provide photo, name, qualification, age and experience, achievement of each team member in short.
  2. Highlight what will each member of the team do in the venture, and why he/she is best suited for the role
  3. Indicate if the person is a co-founder or founding team member or an employee – against each, indicate the % of equity held (currently or planned if not yet distributed)
  • What is the issue / pain point that your product / solution addresses
  1. Explain the pain pints and why your customers need your solution
  2. Mention what they are currently doing
  • About Product

Explain about your product and how it solves the pain point and better than other traditional solutions

  • Product / Technology Overview

Highlight the uniqueness of the product or service or technology and NOT the technical details of list of features of the solution

  • Feature comparison

Compare the features of your product with that of other available products in similar segment.

  • Business model / Revenue Model
  1. This is about how you will make money from this business opportunity.
  2. Explain the transaction process in short
  3. Explain the scalability factor of your business model
  4. Explain how customer gets monetary and non-monetary benefits from usage of your products.
  • What is the size of the market opportunity?
  1. Place and Potential customers and how…
  2. How much the customer would pay
  3. Mention the size of the opportunity in the markets you are planning to address
  4. Explain Revenue potential and comparable rates at which services are provided by other players if any.
  • Current traction
  1. What have you achieved so far – product, customers, revenues, etc.
  2. If you have, include photographs
  3. Unique about speaking about traction
  • Competitive landscape
  1. Other Competitors and your plans to sustain and grow in competitions
  2. Explain why this is better than competition
  • Testimonials and Awards

Anything that could better provide “social proof” that your product or service does what it says it does other than third-party testimonials. Testimonials from customers, professionals, editors, celebrity, Government, Achieve etc.

  • Financials current and projections
  1. Summary of your business plan with separate excel sheet for 3 years
  2. Break up your costs into Capex and Opex and its components.
  3. Cover the unit economics i.e. how much revenue do you get per transaction / customer, how much does it cost you to service that customer/order.
  • Funding needs, use of funds and proposed valuation
  1. Describe how much money you want to raise and what these funds will be used for
  2. Mention if there are other co-investors (or others who have already committed)
  3. Clearly indicate how long these funds will last and what you will be able to achieve with these funds
  4. Clearly mention if you are going to require follow on capita, and if so, how much and when.
  5. What is the valuation you are seeking for this round
  • Current equity structure, fundraising history and investors
  1. Table of current equity holding (cap table)
  2. How much money have you invested
  3. Mention previous investment history including year, amount and investors.
  • Exit options

How do you think the investors can exit? Explain

  • Thank you

Technology Solution Category

  • Driver Behaviour
  • Prognosis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Quality
  • Alternative Fuel
  • Ecommerce Mart
  • Logistic Aggregation
  • Mobility
  • V2X communications
  • IoT