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  • Global Investible opportunities.
  • Invest with industry leaders.
  • Portfolio with high returns.

For Entrepreneurs

  • Quick investment raise
  • Active global investors.
  • Strategic mentoring & global market access.

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AutoNebula Angel Network (AAN)

AAN is a network of Angel investors keen to invest in early stage businesses which have the potential to create value to advance smart mobility solutions and addressing automotive industry needs.

If you are a disruptive and ambitious innovator, we will help you get access to all the capital, expertise and connections you need to grow your company to its full potential.

As investors, our members love to pick out the best products; and mentor them throughout the journey.

AAN operated by Autonebula Incubation services which is India’s first Automotive and Connected Transport Incubator. Started in Jan 2016, Autonebula in addition to capital provides constant access to high quality mentoring, product analysis, go-to-market strategy, and vast networks and inputs on strategy as well as execution. The Network members, because of their background are better able to assess the potential and risks at the early stage. AAN is division of Autonebula Incubation Services Private Limited.

What is Angel Investment?

Angel investments are a part of private equity investment and it’s understood that well diversified professionally managed angel investments provide similar if not superior returns to other forms of private investments. The returns of angel investors are more to do with the selection of companies rather than stock market timing or economic volatility.

Angels leverage the skills and networks of fellow members to make better investment decisions. They also support the investee companies using the collective expertise of members thereby improving both the prospects of the investees and their returns.

Angel investments provides one of the highest impacts in terms of generating employment apart from providing innovative goods and services to society.

Benefits for Investors:

We will make sure you are educated and understand the risks associated with investing in early stage companies.

When you are ready to look at investment opportunities we will make sure you get a chance to see high quality deal flow and we are always looking for that next big hit!

Benefits For Entrepreneurs:

We believe one of the primary success factors for entrepreneurs is specialized knowledge. It is our goal to offer this specialized knowledge to every entrepreneur covering every skill set that can be imagined by our extensive network of angels have who are coaches and Investors.

Post investment, members not only mentor companies but also connect them to potential clients, partners and investors.

The primary focus of our education for the Entrepreneurs is marketing. Marketing is everything, when an entrepreneur can master marketing they can eliminate cash flow problems, raise all the money they would ever need and become a money magnet, creating success and wealth for everyone involved.

AAN teach entrepreneurs to understand the language of money, how to acquire it and how to make it work for them.

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