Types of Membership

Autonebula Angels has two classes of membership, Individual and Institutional –

Type of Membership Individual Institutional
Indian (Rs.) Foreigner ($) Indian (Rs.) Foreign ($)
One time registration fees 3,000 200 10,000 300
Yearly Membership Fees 5,000 300 10,000 1000
  • In addition, applicable indirect tax / service tax, would be payable.
  • This is subject to review by the Network from time to time.
  • The membership to the Network will be annualized i.e. effective for 12 months from the date of becoming a member.

Angel Investor Membership Inquiry

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General Terms of Membership

  • All members have to accept the terms of Framework document (click here) in acceptance of the broad principles that will govern the functioning of the AAN.
  • Network members will also agree to adhere to a code of confidentiality regarding all opportunities tabled at the forum.
  • AAN Secretariat has rights to accept, reject, hold, and cancel membership fees of the applicant.