Automotive Industry – Challenges

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

There is a need for more innovations in this space. AFV cars and trucks have potential to  reduce carbon emissions however more research and development is needed to build cost effective solutions.

Building Brand Loyalty

The problem in Automotive industry is that consumers can move from one brand to other at a faster note.. The only way forward is providing quality product with good service support if any automotive company wishes to build brand loyalty.

Powertrain technologies

The right combination of technologies needed to build products with controlled emission will remain an attractive research for many companies.

Alternative replacements

Silicone is being considered as steel replacement.  Modular technologies will be the need of the day

Reconnecting with Shoppers

There will be a need to remain in touch with shoppers, inspite of all the digital marketing, online marketing strategies.  Simple innovations in ways of test drives etc can help ways to reconnect with shoppers

Supply Chain It will be important for organizations to streamline the supply chain and more improvements needed in routing and delivery time management


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