Autonebula – a value added facilitator for Automotive companies who wish to closely with startups

Autonebula has worked closely with couple of OEMs,  Advanced technology funded startups who wish to collaborate with young startups in areas of  Mobility,  Electric Vehicle development,  Safety , Navigation,  Infotainment and aggregators.

There is a huge benefit which Autonebula see’s in such methodology and it is possible only through a neutral organization as many a time though large automotive companies may call for startups to apply for competition, the startups do not wish to get into restrictive agreements and OEM’s also wish to safeguard the IPs and confidentiality.  

Eventually at end of all this marriage-making exercise, it is important that startups become global players and their products and solutions are availed by many OEMs.

Autonebula is a connected transportation vehicle accelerator and investment fund that nurtures startups in this realm by mentoring them across business, technology & marketing – Check out Softlanding with Autonebula

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