Connected Autonomous : CASE

There are multiple innovation need where startup can intervene, build products or proof of concepts to integrate within vehicles.  The automotive systems need good data storage connectors to optimize memory and support WI-FI capabilities

Connectivity, Autonomous, Sharing/Subscription and Electrification are the key pillars which will compel Automotive companies to bring in innovations in their existing product lines.


Will Industry accept startup collaborations?

Connected Autonomous is the latest buzz however for this a very strong Industry-Startup collaboration needed. Many automotive companies do fund their Research and Development initiatives, hence it is important to leverage the startup enthusiasm, the academic expertise and also tie up with focused Accelerator programs like Autonebula to identify entrepreneurs who are already working in various aspects of CASE

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Dr Prakash Sharma heads the Autonebula Initiatives to collaborate with startups, investors, senior thought leaders from Automotive Industry. With 30+ year experiences in IT industry, he has evolved PASSION FRAMEWORK for startup ecosystem.


The Author refers multiple automotive news to interpret and analyze the trends and views are personal.

Autonebula is a connected transportation vehicle accelerator and investment fund that nurtures startups in this realm by mentoring them across business, technology & marketing – Check out Softlanding with Autonebula

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