Automotive Structural Dynamics Testing

Automotive testing is an integral aspect of any automotive manufacturing company.  Refer the diagram below

Vehicle dynamic  typically gives an idea on how a vehicle responds to various situations.  There is a continuous need for predicting the behavior of any vehicle under different conditions.  Vehicle Body, the Suspension Component and Tire are essential parts of the system.  There is a felt need of more startups to focus on modelling, analysis and optimizing accurate positioning, sensing capabilities and identifying vehicle issues intelligently during testing phase.

ARAI offers rigorous testing procedures but there is a felt need for startup-testing company interfaces and maybe some good government subsidies be made available for testing of startup products


Vehicle Dynamics gives us an idea of how a vehicle will respond to various situations. This study has its roots in the work of creative engineers who established the methodology of various dynamic systems. As automobiles evolved the understanding of vehicle dynamics became important. Subsequently, it has moved towards modelling, analysis, and optimization of multi-body dynamics with accurate positioning, sensing, and calculations with intelligent computer software.

A clear understanding of Vehicle Dynamics is needed for predicting the behaviour of any vehicle under different conditions. Responses of components and intuitive feedback to driver governs safety and handling in general. Also, the dynamics of a vehicle can be the deciding factor in any competitive event. In-vehicle dynamics, the vehicle body (sprung mass), the suspension component (spring and damper) and tire (unsprung mass) are essential parts of the system. 

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