Public transport and Connected transport


The Internet is literally everywhere: you will not be able to separate human life from the Internet, and the Internet is more connected now than it ever was. Although the Internet is incredibly lively and functional, there are times when you will face a lapse of network, which is what the Internet of Things—the interconnection of physical devices—is working towards solving now. You will soon see IoT on a rise in connected transport, majorly boosting public transport. The idea of connected transport is to make the Internet more stable and help improve the state of planning of traffic movement for smooth travel.

With connected cars, public transport, and other modes of transportation, one can be quickly deported from one place to another, without magic. Let us understand what connected transport is and how it will work, then the role of IoT in public transportation, and how telematics will help improve the scenario of today’s transportation.

Connected Transportation

What does connected transportation mean? When a connected car is fitted with Wi-Fi connection and has sensors that can access the Internet, such a mode of transportation would ensure Internet continuity throughout the journey. They will receive all signals and even the GPS movements through the Internet.

Smart transportation includes connected cars that will receive signals on optimized traffic routes, safer routes to take for the journey, and other signals that will help it contribute towards mitigating the traffic congestion and optimize the use of infrastructure within the cities. Many applications based on IoT are coming out which will help induce smart transportation, thus leading to the rise of smart cities.

At the time when there is a rise in connected cars, telematics will come to use. With telematics, you will be able to gain insights on the car, understand the speed at which the car is being driven, and the routes it generally takes. This will help you optimize the applications based on the insights you have received. You can even plan your roads and infrastructure with the insights you have collected from the connected transportation.

Public Transportation and the Internet

Moving ahead, smarter cities are being planned so that the Internet of Things will be compatible with the public transportation as well. With IoT added to public transportation, you can deliver value by gaining insights on the transportation, acquire their exact location, and find out how the logistics can be improved.

By utilizing IoT in planes, you would know beforehand when the plane is due for maintenance. You can even optimize the routes for the plane and when the route it is headed towards is congested. There are potential benefits of having connected cars and connected public transportation.

In the case of a fleet of transportation, you can efficiently manage the fleet with telematics and IoT combined. There are many applications that start-ups are coming up with to harness the power of IoT for transportation. Autonebula mentors have connected transport start-ups with growth strategies, and helps them build a solid base for their start-up application.


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