Importance of vehicle ergonomics


Vehicle ergonomics plays an important role in ensuring complete comfort for the driver and the passenger, ensuring smooth journey, and maximizing the experience. With Internet of Things and HMI, there has been an evolution of the vehicle ergonomics deriving maximum benefits for the people in the car. Sitting in the car should be as comfortable as possible, which is why you need to make sure the interiors are in line with the needs of the driver and the passenger.

Let us consider the driver who is operating the car. What if their legs don’t reach the pedals with ease? That would mean more strain on the legs, thus adding to the stress levels of the driver. The driver, if not at ease, would not be able to deliver the appropriate experience to the passenger, thus making the whole journey uncomfortable for both.

The passenger on his end would want comfortable seating arrangement, which if not available will leave him complaining. This is a solid case of comfort gone wrong, and then offering a bad experience. Any service industry, including the transportation industry, depends majorly on the experience.

Several other disorders are also possible, if the vehicle ergonomics are not planned efficiently.

Why ergonomics are important?

Ergonomics play a pivotal role in determining the physical and mental health of the drivers and passengers, which is why it is important. The position of every element should be planned keeping in mind the driver’s needs, their driving behaviour, as well as how they connect with the car.

This is where big data, analytics and connected technologies will help. The data and the insights will help you be more proactive with your design, and ensure smooth journey for the dwellers of the car.

Safety within the car is another thing that needs to be taken care of when designing the vehicle’s ergonomics. You will need to cushion in as many safety elements as possible to ensure complete safety even when you meet with an accident. The air bags should efficiently come out, and there should be enough situations considered when designing for safety.

The seat designers should take into account the different types of body shapes, the body types etc. before designing for the comfort of the person. Apart from the physical comfort, you need to design for the visual comfort as well. Choose the right materials, colours, and design the right lighting effects for the best design you can have.

Customize your experiences to meet your unique needs. You ought to make sure you have understood the end needs when customizing ergonomics for them.

Make sure your customization does not compromise on the essentials for the driver and the passenger. The idea is to make sure the driver is comfortable, and they have an excellent on-board experience that can be translated.

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